Unique & Hand-Drawn

Collectable Characters, Plants and Pets

ERGnomes are highly creative, fun and original NFTs on the Ergo Platform.

Using $ERG anyone can get their very own ERGnomes, sending them on adventures and trading them with other collectors.

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Why are ERGnomes special?

In Series 3, we welcome the Sigma Brotherhood ERGnomes!

Layered Rarity System

Every ERGnome, Pet or Plant is unique, but some are more prized than others! Four base tiers are noted by the background color, and matching accessories are highly prized! Collect a matching set of ERGnome, Pet, Plant!

Character Driven

The characters' design and descriptions may also suggest what kind of relationship they have with other specific characters, thus giving a further level of depth to the character design.

Fair Distribution

We only allowed 1 ERGnome purchase at a time. All 444 Series 3 Sigma Brotherhood ERGnomes will be released with a random allocation and featured simple pricing tiers:

Trades are Secure & Automatic

Your NFT is sent during the purchasing process, directly to your $ERG wallet, using a automatic refund mechanism once a series of ERGnomes' sellout.

  1. Your ERG Payment is Sent
  2. Your ERG Payment Confirms or Refunds
  3. Your ERGnome is Automatically Sent

Here's a sample of 100% hand drawn Series 3 ERGnomes!

A total of 444 ERGnomes, Pets & Plants were released in the Series 3 - Sigma Brotherhood

DR Pad the Gnomengineer

Often found creating the wildest gizmos with his Inventor friend Bulgakov. Rarely found all in one piece when testing said gizmos.

Ageus the Balanced Sage

Very few Ergonauts are blessed with the ability to understand his seemingly unintelligible and overly complicated language.

Paideius Father of the DAOs

Straight from the Olympus of Paideia, he oversees the creation & development of DAOs on Ergo to help build the ultimate NeoPolis.

Sigmaversus the Ethereal Chancellor

Knowledgeable mentor who guides all the newcomers who are wise enough to explore the Ergo galaxy.

Ergopadguin the Atomic Spacebomb

Any tool created by DR Pad the gnomengineer is powered by the energy emitted by his easily excitable body.

Mingo the Ergo Minotaur

He jumps between multiple dimensions, from the least to the most technologically advanced ones, while loyally protecting his owner's ERG.

Nautz the Armageddon Kraken

Secret weapon of the Nautilus Galleon and Father of a beautiful cow who has inherithed his laser tits gene.

Rosen the Heavenly Dragonpillar Bridge

Based on Rosen Bridge, this beautiful crossbreed between a caterpillar, a dragon, roses and... wings, will bring Ergo to the most colourful lands.

DeCus the Turniprof

Depending on the difficulty of the subject being taught, he changes shape to test his students.

Machimasu the Raffle Grandpa

Unashamingly loveable and as selfless as the most humble Ergonaut, he aims to raise ERG for the least fortunate.

Christopher the Ergolend Nurturer

Always happy to lend fertile soil, clean water and lots of love to the little buds who need a bit of help to grow into beautiful beings.

ANON Master of Stealth Addresses

Once an ordinary plant, after learning about the importance of privacy she started wearing different masks to avoid getting recognized by nosey entities.

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Design Traits: Explained

ERGnomes have traits associated with each design's visual element and how those traits get combined upon generation defines the class of each nft.

These traits are unique to each character, meaning that they are NOT shared across different characters.

Full Match Civilian

All Design Layers have the trait: Civilian

Full Match Cupid

All Design Layers have the trait: Cupid

Full Match Thornyhero

All Design Layers have the trait: Thornyhero

Full Mismatched

All Design Layers are different from each other

Rarity: Explained

ERGnomes have traits associated with each design's visual element and how those traits get combined upon generation defines the class of each nft.


Uses the largest number of Design Layers, resulting in greater Varieties of NFTs


Uses fewer Design Layers, resulting in far fewer Varieties of NFTs


Very few Design Layers, very few Varieties of NFTs

Ultra Rare

Even fewer Design Layers, some of the rarest ERGnome NFTs


Single Design Layers, one of a kind NFTs


Few ERGnomes are honored with this title, one of a kind NFTs

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